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Mardi Gras 2003


Enjoying a Saturday Afternoon: Jesse Brown (Choupique), Steve, and John.
"Tu Parle Francais? Oui? C'est Bon!"
Mark is all smiles over his costume for the ball
Breakfast Monday morning: We cooked 8 1/2 dozen eggs! Whew!
Alex and John say their farewells on Monday. Maybe next year they will stay and enjoy all of Mardi Gras!
Tuesday: Isn't this great, I even get my picture taken!
Well, I can take pictures, too! (Willie, Ted, Grandma and Grandpa Abel)
Liz and Paula: Was that a snake they put on my shoulder?
Poulet? Nah, where's the beer truck?
Masked reveler and Nicole? Yeah, I think so.
They don't produce chicken legs like that in Arkansas! I wonder what the Colonel's recipe would be for this...
Ashley and Sandra; Mr. Pruett is in background
Paul (brother) unmasked!
"Here's to good friends, the day is kinda special..." or something like that. Eric Guillory
Cy Brown and wife? ; Paula catching up with the trailer
A new fashion - Christmas in March!
Neon Pink and Green are sure eyecatchers! ; And I thought I had a bad hair day!
Shane, Little Tyler, and Troy
Why are you pointing towards the trees?
Oh, I see, a couple of revelers relaxing in the trees!
I think this is my sister, Laura?
Chere', nothing better than two-story transportation!
We sure have big chickens in South Louisiana
Sandra, Grandma Abel, Emily and Lettie
Dad stirring up another wonderful gumbo!
Mr. and Mrs. Fontenot inside the Dad and Mom's house
Donna, Steve, Friend and John striking up a tune on the back porch
I tried bribing this chicken to let me catch her... it didn't work! ; and I thought I had bad breath... phew!
Mrs. Fontenot and Bonnie (sister)
Ainsley, myself & Heidi (daughter) posing with "le poulet du jour"
That's what I call persistence; Little Tyler grabbing for some beads!
Our journey back to town for the parade at 3:00; it was 2:05 and we were about 1:30 hrs away!
I think this trio has had about all they can handle...
Alas! I was wrong. Upon taking their picture they became as spry as spring chickens; except for their fourth companion, who looks as though he would prefer to lean back over the trailer!
We made the local paper!
"Une plus de valse avant que nous partions!" - A farewell waltz until we meet again, Steve and John.


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