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News and notes from L'Acadie Inn in Eunice, Louisiana. In this blog, Lance and Kelly Pitre will provide guests with news and pictures from prior events, inform guests of upcoming events in Eunice and Acadiana, share stories and notes regarding our Cajun heritage, and provide links to our website at

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bonjour Nicolas! ...or working on a full house...

Good morning! I would like to introduce to all of you our newest member of the Pitre family, Nicolas Bernard Pitre. Nicolas was born at 9:55 PM on Monday, July 3, 2006. At birth, he weighed 9lbs even and was 21 inches long (I have to get all these statistics in so that all involved in the wager can be assured that I won!). So far, Nicolas has been a wonderful child. Unlike Matthew, Heidi, Alain and Camille, he is never far from a nap. Kelly keeps telling me not to brag on how relaxed he is for fear that his temperment will change.

All went well for Kelly and the delivery. In our traditional game of gin during the early stages of delivery, she was able to beat the pants off me (Really, I let her win to keep spirits up!). We were able to watch a chick flick called "Failure to Launch" that helped pass the time before labor became our primary focus. Little Nicolas was very ready to greet the world, as he did not even wait for Doctor Heinen to be in the room. With my catcher's mitt in hand and the nurse's assistance, Nicolas was received without incident.

Matthew, Heidi, Alain and Camille were able to see Nicolas for the first time on the 4th of July. Other than the initial upset comments of Camille (I wanted a baby 'h'ister!), they were all very excited and proud of their newest sibling. The "balance of power" has finally shifted to the boys in the family (4 to 3). The fireworks can finally fly! When a vote comes before the family council as to whether we should watch the "Parent Trap" or "Star Wars", we boys now know what the answer will be...

Kelly and the baby are glad to now be in the warmth and comfiness that is home and away from the cold and sterile environment of the hospital. She asked that I thank everyone who had us in their thoughts and prayers. We are very appreciative of all of your support and calls. Thanks Paw Paw, Poppa, Grammy, Grandma, Gigi and Laura for all of your help and assistance! Now the only question in our minds is where will Camille sleep when she gets back!


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